Features of SkyStudio Portfolio

The purpose of this website is to provide a demonstration of the SkyStudio Portfolio package, which includes an admin panel for page controls and image uploads.

Features of this website include:

  • News Stories
    Control your own announcements to keep your customers up to date with the changes in your life or business!
  • Custom Pages
    Take your content into your own hands by creating custom pages that feature any content you wish!  Tutorials, events listings, details about your latest trip to Colorado and more!  The sky is the limit!
    • Drag and drop sorting of custom pages*.
    • Lock pages so that they aren't displayed on the public site until you're ready for them to be viewed!
    • Drag and drop image repository* for uploading and using your own illustrations.
  • Website Settings
    Update your website setting on the fly, including your website name, contact information and which pieces of contact information you want displayed on the contact page. 

Edit Custom Pages
Fig1: Custom page editing, featuring a drag and drop image upload tool for customizing your pages!

  • Gallery Controls
    Upload your own images for display in your own Gallery!  Feature only one gallery, or create multiples to organize your content.
    • Drag and drop interface for uploading and replacing images*.
    • Edit titles and description.
    • Create custom thumbnails.
    • Easily transfer images between galleries if one is accidentally uploaded to the wrong gallery.
    • Lock gallery items so that they are not displayed on the public site until you are ready for them to be viewed!

 Manage Galleries
Fig 4: Drag and drop sorting of galleries let you order your galleries exactly how you wish for them to be displayed!

  • Template Controls
    Have multiple designs for your website?  No problem!  Simply switch between templates with a single click to change the look and feel of your website on a whim.
  • Administrator Controls
    Add, edit or delete multiple administrators with the administrator controls.  You can also lock and unlock an admin account to prevent an administrator from logging in again! 
 Gallery Controls

Fig 2: Gallery Controls appear when you mouse over the image you wish to control.

 Drag Sort Images

Fig 3: Drag + drop your gallery images to sort them in the order you wish them to be listed!

Thank you for taking a look at the Site Tools and don't forget to check out the admin panel also at the following link.


login: demo
password: demo

* Drag + Drop support is not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer.  I highly suggest Mozilla Firefox as a well rounded alternative browser for supporting all features in the admin panel.